Nov. 22, 2021

Female solo travel for self-growth (with Susan Diego)

Female solo travel for self-growth (with Susan Diego)
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Get out of your comfort zone. Spread your wings and take a solo trip. Solo travel is meaningful for anyone willing to give it a try — but for women, it can be an especially transformational experience.

In this episode of Mind, Body & Beyond, world traveler Susan Diego shares why she loves traveling by herself.

“You’ll find out -- what kind of problem solver are you? What really scares you? Are you introverted or extroverted? Are you okay with sitting and having dinner by yourself? Are you comfortable walking alone at night? What are you capable of doing by yourself? And what do you absolutely hate and never want to do again?”


Here are some items Susan never travels without:

  • Comfy, casual white shirt suitable for hot climates. 
  • A second white shirt for a more upscale urban look.
  • Sturdy carry-on bag. She likes the Sojourn model from Osprey. “I've had my bag for over 10 years. When the wheels wore out, they sent new replacement wheels for free. They guarantee their parts.” 
  • Weekender bag designed to hold up to three days’ worth of clothing, TSA-approved as a personal item.
  • Travel pillow made of memory foam that will save your neck on the plane and even in your hotel or hostel.
  • An umbrella with 50+ SPF and reflective outer layer, in silver.
  • Travel blanket: “I invested in this company when it was on Kickstarter. I love it. I prefer it over airplane blankets and it's handy if my hotel room is too cold. When not traveling, it's in my car.  
  • Stylish coat you can wear anywhere. “Okay, this last one might be a bit high end, but I've had my Burberry car coat for over 10 years. It has a zip-out lining and I've worn it in winter, spring, summer, all over Europe, and at home. It is my only travel coat and I have found no equal. Even a decade later it's in beautiful condition. Packs flat too, no bulk.” 



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