Aug. 8, 2021

Take yourself on a solo retreat (with Ricky Derisz)

Take yourself on a solo retreat (with Ricky Derisz)

Think you're too busy to carve out time for yourself? Here are some ways to make that solo retreat happen.

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Ricky Derisz, the creator of and the author of Mindsets for Mindfulness: Awakening From Crisis To Higher Consciousness, talks about going on a self-led, solo retreat.

Ricky has been on multiple solo retreats, and he’s got a lot to teach us about how to make your retreat a meaningful one.

We talk about:

  • Why a solo retreat is so important for your spiritual growth
  • How to prepare and what to bring
  • What to expect ⁠— and how to leave room for the unexpected
  • All the ways your brain tries to distract you and how to overcome it
  • How busy people can use the concept of “time valuation” to carve out time for a retreat


Find out more about Ricky’s work:


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